Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Ikea 2010 Catalog, Online!

ikea catalog
ikea catalog 2
the annual release of the ikea catalog is always an event in the home decor and renovation world. ikea is known for bringing everyday people high style at a low cost. it has basically become a household name, and with good reason. granted, some folks go overboard with their products, but an occasional piece here or there can really help out if you're on a tight budget. their new 2010 catalog can now be reviewed online. all 376 pages can be enjoyed here.

Glass Backsplash Collections From Evit

bath tile
bath tile 2
the new bathroom backsplash collections from evit are pretty amazing. they mimic a geometric honeycomb, razor sharp shards of glass, soft circular drops or gleaming metallics. the modern glass tiles range in shape, size and color, and come in an astounding 69 lovely shades!

Universe Beach House, Mexico

roof pool
roof pool 3
roof pool 4
roof pool 6
beach house
beach house 2
this exotic beach house is located on the pretty shoreline of mexico, and was tastefully designed by tatiana bilbao. the structure was built with more of a campy feel than a beach house. each room is interconnected yet seperate. although it may seem like that would be a downside, that roof top pool makes up for anything odd about the interior space. sign me up!

Want It! Need It! Can't Have It.

hood chair
my life long goal is to own 2 of these. that's all...

Win A Cobi Chair!

cobi chair is giving away 5 steelcase cobi chairs in their, "tell us why you want a cobi" contest. all you've got to do to win one of these guys, is share an interesting office chair story or unusual seating arrangement. i know my bf will be all over this contest because a) he's been complaining of back pain from sitting all day at work, and b) he loves to write about weird things. the contest runs now through august 31, 2009 and the winners will be anounced in september. so put on your thinking cap and enter today for your chance to win! you can read some of their fav stories thus far here.

101 Simple Salads - Seriously, Simple.

i have been somewhat bored with the "usual" lettuce salad, and the pasta/bean salads. so i decided to look for a few other easy recipes to try. then i came acoss this ny times post with over 100 salad recipes, each with easy instuctions of only a sentence or two. now that, i can handle!

SANAA Architecture, London

rabbit chairs
japanese architects, SANAA (composed of kazuyo sejima and ryue nishizawa), architects of the new museum of new york, were chosen to construct a temporary structure to be placed on the lawn of the serpentine gallery in london's hyde park. the duo came up with the idea for a pavillion constructed out of a long continuous piece of aluminum, along with support poles to make the structure look like it's sort of floating. equally as great are the rabbit chairs, which were also designed by the two.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summery Ginger Drink!

i love me a good natural ginger ale, and this recipe sounds extra refreshingly spicy! it's super simple to make. check out the recipe here.

Four-Poster Pet Bed

kitty bed
omg, this is just too cute to not post. i was just looking at random crafts on one of my favorite crafting sites, when i came across this adorable side table turned upside-down to create a luxurious bed for your little furry friend. i have been on the lookout for a more affordable, design friendly pet bed for my kitty, bibs so i may just have to steal this idea!

Ribbon Rack

ribbon rack
ribbon rack2
ribbon rack3
this coat rack by headsprung, is made to look like metal ribbon, but at first glance i definitely thought it was a belt. the rounded edges threw me for a loop. i think it'd look better with angled cuts or a v-snip on each end like a real ribbon. either way, i think i like the casual artsy look of this piece.

Panda Bread!

this adorable panda bread post is dedicated to my lovely sista, amanda panda! it actually seems more like a cake with it's ingredients including: green tea powder, cake flour and cocoa. i don't know how i feel about eating green bread, but it's definitely cute to look at! the original recipe came from an asian website called taro-taro, but you can check out the translated version right here.

Kelly Wearstler + Playboy?

kelly wearstler
kelly 3
kelly wearslter2
kelly wearstler has been one of my favorite interior/fabric designers for years now, and i am just hearing now that she posed for playboy back in 1994. not that i mind, to each his/her own, but i was just a little taken aback by that. anyway, she's amazing. get to know her if you don't already! here's a funny little post about her and the "incident". oh, and be prepared to view a boob or two.

Oooh, Bubbles...

bubble pop
these unique bubble pics are taken by richard heeks. apparently bubbles don't really "pop" they rip/tear/shred. interesting...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Modern Dollhouse


i have always loved dollhouses, and even as an adult i have considered starting a dollhouse collection of both vintage and modern models. this may cure my problem of yearning for change and feeling the urge to move from place to place every year to, "start fresh" in a new home. why not get my decorating fix and save a little money with a miniature model? although, i can't say this hobby is exactly cheap...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha.

ruffle cake
martha bowls
i have to say, i may not be a big fan of her personality, but i can't deny my love of martha stewart products. i just made this cake for my lovely mother's 60th b-day this weekend and it turned out pretty great! as i was looking on macy's website i came across these cool martha stewart mixing bowls w/lids. i appreciate that she isn't afraid to introduce new color combos. these are definitely right up my alley.

Holy Ovens

these are some fun new ovens from bluestar with restaurant quality power and function. i have to say, the kitchen is my least favorite place to be in my little apartment, but once i find a house i am determined to make my kitchen a place where i actually want to spend time. one of these puppies would definitely help!