Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surgical Mistakes

as some of you may know, i've been having on going back issues (two herniated disks) for almost 3 years now. tomorrow's the big day when i will finally receive a surgeon's opinion. so, as any normal concerned positive thinking person would do, i began looking up botched surgeries and reading stories about surgical instruments that apparently get left behind in over 1500 americans each year by mistake. among these instruments, scissors seem to be the most popular choice to forget. according to, "sixwise" newsletter, this is all you need to do to avoid this happening to you:
1. specifically instruct your surgeons and attendants that, "i have heard objects are sometimes left inside patients during surgery and I want you to please ensure nothing is left inside me."
2. find out if "sponge counts" are standard practice at the institution where your surgery is being performed. sponges can be especially problematic because once they fill with blood they resemble parts of the body. said dr. canale, "In our institution, if the sponge count is incorrect or if they can't find an instrument, an x-ray is automatic." (hmm...don't x-rays only show metal objects?)
and last but not least,
3. build your immune system to lessen your risk of needing surgery in the first place. this won't guarantee that you'll never need an operation, but taking preventive health measures to reduce your risk of diseases that require surgery is a smart thing to do.
4. no s^%&

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