Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lovely lil' Vase/Container

this is a cute diy project that i love. and best of all, it's pretty much free to make! i am in need of a good pencil holder, and this just may do the trick. after all, i can't really have flowers around due to the fact that my kitty, bibs likes to knock 'em over and eat 'em!
easy peasy instructions:
1. find a tin can
2. find a branch or two of different sizes
3. chop the branches up!
4. glue 'em to the can
5. you are done.
i also love the idea of wrapping a can in a natural material like white birch. anytime u can bring in a natural element and it lasts a long time i'm all for it. minus dried flowers - ick!

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