Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chair-ity Fun

a mother/daughter team became inspired to do some charity work after seeing this australian vogue cover. they picked up the phone and called dr. sidney aldridge, a pediatrician (and member of their family) over at cook's children's hospital in fort worth, texas. she is responsible for starting a palliative program at the hospital which takes care of young children with life threatening diseases and their families. the palliative care team assists the family with psychological and spiritual support to help get through these hard times, and also works along side the patients themselves to ensure that they live as long and well as possible. obviously it takes quite a team of people to be able to take care of such matters, so this charity chair is going to go to a great cause. to make a long story short, the duo bought a classic louis chair, had it reupholstered in canvas, and then let the children of the hospital doodle all over it until they couldn't doodle anymore! i think the result turned out stellar. this chair will be auctioned off at the annual branded event. you can check out more info on the event here.

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