Monday, August 3, 2009

Design Star, Episode 3

design star

design star 1
nathan + dan

design star 3
jany + tashica

design star 2
torie + antonio

design star 4
lonnie + jason

design star 5

ok, wow i have a lot to say about last night's episode of, "design star". i still can't get over the contestants they chose. it seems as though they just took random people off the street that have no idea about design (which now that i think of it, that would actually make for a more interesting show). a few of them actually have talent and creativity but most of them are shockingly bad. the top two pics are the top two designs, and with good reason. those two are going to make it to the end. pretty boy came out on top yet again. the contestants had $1000 to spend at a grocery store to furnish their white room with. nathan did make an amazing orange slice capiz chandelier which i was quite fond of, and his use of milk mixed with primer for a pinstripe wall treatment was very clever. but his personality is just annoying! he'll never win. sorry, i'm being blunt! dan, aka prettyboy, had the most put together and livable looking room, although i liked the overall stark appearance of nathan's better. as for the rest, i don't think i'll waste my time discussing the lack of talent. but that last room? jen's a color expert? she should change her title to color blind!

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