Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Before & After - My "New" Couch!!!

my couch7
back when bibs was cute and didn't know how to scratch furniture

my couch4
this is what happened after bibs figured it out

my couch3
another view of the mess bibs made of the couch

my couch6
this is what happens when i complain about the rips over and over and over again ;)

my couch2
the man behind the amazing upholstery job, Simon Goldfeder.

my couch1
my man with the little one whom i should thank for this fantastic new piece of furniture!

my couch
i am in love. i don't know what else to say - oh, i am getting a new white shag too (that is why there is nothing over there now). i rearranged some things, and now my place feels a little more like someplace different - which is exactly what i needed. aaaaaaaah.


  1. i'm glad you like it....people tend to put their ass on my best work...

  2. Looks great. Glad you're happy wabes.