Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick + Easy + Cheap Holiday Decorations!

#1 on the list is pinecones, pinecones, and more pinecones! my sister and i always get the cinnamon scented ones, but i'd recommend plain if you're going to be putting them on your table. just go for a walk in the park - you're bound to find a bunch!

#2 - twigs! again, going for a stroll around the neighborhood costs u nothing. i love the shadows this display would give off.

#3 - berries! these will add such a vibrant hue to any tablesetting. how cute would these be on each plate at a dinner party?

#4 - more berries! lol, i love using berries for decoration. i have been secretly clipping yellow berry twigs from a local park for a few years now, but i've stopped - i knew it couldn't be right to do something if i'd only do it at night :] but if you have a friend/relative with a tree ask if you can clip a few! put 'em in a vase on either side of your mantel, clip string across and clothespin some family photos on the line.

#5 - tissue paper covered hurricanes! i don't think these really need explanation, all u godda do is tape on some warm colored layers of tissue paper onto your hurricane candle holders.

#6 - pine branches! i like this idea, especially if u live in a small space or can't afford to decorate a large tree. again, i think the park is calling your name! and although i like the look of bare branches better, i love love love that fresh pine scent!

#7 - lastly, more branches! i love this idea on a tabletop, or if you can, get really tall branches to put in a vase on the floor to act as your christmas tree. add some white lights if u want and a few ornaments and voila! perfection.

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