Thursday, December 31, 2009

MY DIY: Sewing Station

BEFORE: (notice all the crap on the floor)
so, my sewing station (in my bedroom) was in dire need of repair. i had bought some floating shelves (from target originally) at goodwill this past spring for really cheap (i thought because they were pink). so i painted them white and stuck them on the wall. come to find out, they just suck! the top shelf has been slanted for about 5 months now no matter how much work i put into fixing it, so it has been basically worthless as i was afraid to put anything on it. so, wanting to salvage the shelves themselves, i just decided to buy some metal runners and brackets from LOWE'S and simply place my old floating shelves on top. worked out perfect! i bought one additional shelf for the top to store buttons/notions in mason jars. it's black now, but i'll paint it when the warmer weather returns! oh and had to include benji and kitty ;]

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