Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly...About Gloves!!

i love accessories. everyone who knows me is well aware of that. hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry, u name it! so today i actually found what i have been looking for, for approximately 5 years - no joke! driving gloves. synthetic ones. who knew they would be so incredibly difficult to find?! anyway, i love them, they fit like a glove (yes, pun intended), and they were the last pair:
Picture 1
i actually think they look better in person. they look like real leather, and seem to be of pretty good quality. then i spotted these bad boys, and well, i had to have them too:
Picture 2
and...i may have purchased some fun socks and another pair of gloves there. i MAY have.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What I'm Feeling Today:

this jacket. totally don't need to add to my insane jacket collection but if, ya know, i feel the need to get insane-r. i'm picturing this with some long black pleather gloves (that i can't find anywhere!), an olive green scarf, and a chunky grey beanie:
camel cape
ooOooh, and this with a grey beanie (sensing my fave color combo of the moment yet?):
olive hoodie
i only own a couple hoodies. i have a love/hate relationship with them. they bring me back to my tomboy days, aka my shaved head/converse wearing/rage against the machine listening era. so i always hesitate when i become attracted to "comfy" clothes. silly. ANYWAY...onto some more superficial sh**. my future back entrance to my future home could look something like this. minus that spotlight. it's bothering me. one or the other people. one. or. the other.:
back door man
these vegan/eco-friendly make-up brushes:
make-up brushes
this book would be handy to have:
i would love my xmas tree (if i even have one this year) to have a bunch of these little friends on it:
hoot tree
i just think these color options are fun but i'm probably too boring to ever use them:
and lastly, i would love to have a giant craft room similar to this one with all that crazy amazing storage space:
craft room

Today on Craigslist Rochester:

mid-c green chairs
pair of retro green chairs - $50

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Design Job: Adrien's New House (Part III)

quick little diy project i did yesterday for adrien's dining room.
goodbye $15 mid-century brass/wood chandelier (purchased at rehouse):
hello new modern chandi:
please don't mind the mangled chain...i have yet to get to that!
*the how-to
1 can matte (flat) black spray paint
1 old ugly chandelier with modern lines
round white lightbulbs or edison's if you're fancy and rich.
lighting kit (if u can't make do with what was used from the previous fixture)
a ladder (ahem, this is for shrimps like me who think it's fine to use a tiny footstool, stand on your tippy-toes in heels and hold the chandelier with one hand while drilling screws and tightening wires with the other hand--bad idea!!!)

ps - im patting myself on the back right now cuz this was my first ever chandelier installation. i thought my arms were gunna straight fall off! why must i always do things the hard way? to feel more accomplished? who knows...i'll have to bring that up in therapy next week hahaha. toodles!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Design Job: Adrien's New House (Part II)

so you've seen the semi-finished livingroom. now we're moving on to adrien's office. we? well, i. and you if u wanna join in. first i just wanna state for the record that i am horrible at taking before/after photos of my projects, cuz i uhh, just don't think about it to be honest. also, my camera makes my purse really heavy to carry. what, it does! so anyway, i don't have any 'real' photos of his office in all of it's completed glory. but i can show u what i started and did finally finish only, you'll just be seeing the 'started' part. so, adrien is a tattoo artist at love hate and does some of his drawings at home. i decided to make him a cork wall to tack his art up on, as opposed to just taping it to the wall. which is what he did. not that there's anything wrong with that. did i have too much tea today? think so. i'll get to the point. i painted the walls white and the doors black, and added pops of red (which i did throughout the place). hmm...wonder where i got the black/white/red idea from. oh, could it be adrien's outfit? btw, that's him in the pic below :)
adrien's office
AFTER (sorta):
adrien's office1
adrien's office2

Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Job: Adrien's New House

so i have been working on my great friend, adrien clark's house which just so happens to be a few houses down the street from my apartment! this is his first place, and i was both flattered and honored when he asked me to design it for him. i've known adrien for about 14 years now which totally blows my mind. i still remember sitting in the back of the school bus in middle school and asking him what he was listening to in his huge-ass headphones. his reply was, "bone thugs". my reply to that was, "oh! i like them too". not sounding familiar? this was their big hit back in the day. and well, the rest is history! hahaha. soooo...back to this house thing. my job still isn't done, but i figured i'd at least share a bit of my project so far. today we'll take a look at the livingroom. which still isn't complete. did i mention i'm STILL working on it? sorry, it's been about 4, no, maybe 5 weeks of work thus far and im going a little crazy now that he and his roommate moved in last monday. ANYHOO, here's what ive got for ya:
i just ripped up the carpet (ok u got me. adrien did that part, and boy was i glad!), and luckily, hardwoods in pretty good shape were hiding out underneath. oh i forgot to mention--this place was a beige wonderland: beige walls, beige molding, beige doors, beige radiators, beige painted hardware...u get my drift.
i started painting the walls a grey/green. behr ultra's, "celery powder" to be exact. i also scored a sweet ikea sectional off of my best friend, craigslist for less than half price new. testin' her out to make sure she fits. oh and what?! she does. perfectly. oh, and how can i forget the awesome vintage industrial swing arm task lamp that i found at metro retro? ps- the wall color looks bad with the orange-y floors and beige trim. looks more like sage green (puke!), but i saw passed that, so bear with me.
finally got the floors did. i chose a walnut (black) stain, and it picked up the grain in the wood oh so nicely. and the walls are lookin' better, eh? still hadn't done the trim in the back there...
then i strategically placed a bunch of crap on top of that beautiful floor.
and that's my story. more to come later fools!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The SMEG Fridge

these cute lil' thangs can now be bought @ SEARS! who knew? guess which one's my fave. tehe ;)

(via apartment therapy)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Organizing The Kitchen

i've been wanting jars to organize my kitchen cupboards for a loooooooooong while now, but i couldn't seem to find any i particularly loved/ was able to afford. last night, i went swimming at my parents house and all of a sudden it came to me. i recalled these perfect glass jars with a little rubber stopper around the rim that my mom used to have on her countertop when i was a child still living at home. to my surprise, she had 5 of 'em stored in the basement for my taking! now i just need about 73 more...off to the thrift store!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lego Kitchen. Whaaaaaaaaaat.

all i can think about this unique kitchen island is: i wonder how much that thing cost, and it must have taken FOR-EV-ER to make! so sweet.
(via i heart you blog)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Turtles (once) In A Half-Shell. Turtle Power.

turtle shells
turtle shells
i'm soOooo over antlers and steer skulls, but LOVE the look of turtle/tortoise shells as decor. now, question is--would it be considered vegan to have one or two of these chillin' on the wall? i'm not too sure...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rope Necklaces!

i have been working on a rope necklace collection for an upcoming, "hearts n' crafts" show at java's cafe on sunday, may 23rd (thanks to a last minute acceptance from lisa barker--thanks girl!). the event is happening between 11a-5p. come and show your support for over 30 local artists selling a variety of items ranging from jewelry to dresses to bags to mugs to notecards and more! i have been working hard at creating my first ever collection of hand-dyed, hand-sewn rope necklaces, and am hoping to make a few bucks--so come gimme your money tehehe. hope to see u there! xx, whit.
these puppies will be available in 4 colors and each has it's own unique personality.
first up, battleship gray:

school bus:

red lipstick:

and lastly, seaweed:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

radiohead - fake plastic trees

madonna - like a prayer

smashing pumpkins - disarm

blur - song 2

since most of you didn't know me when i was in 5th+6th grade, i thought i'd share a little insight as to what you might have found in my walkman (ha!) at that time. i had so much fun looking back! man, there are so many more i wanna add, but my brain wants to go to sleep, so i guess i'll have to save some for another random post :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sarah Williams Luggage. Nuff Said.

sarah williams, london fashion graduate, created these ah-maaazing suitcases for her MA project "crafted fashion". why do i like them? because they're sweet, okay? sorry, not feeling boring descriptions these days, as u may have noticed from my lack of blog posts. (insert blah face here)
(via whorange)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

DIY: Faux Sheepskin Throw/Rug

faux throw2
faux throw1
faux throw
faux throw3
i was got so excited when i saw this post on young house love a few days ago. it's one of those times where you see a DIY project and you say to yourself, "why didn't i think of that?" i love having faux fur around i.e. pillows, etc., especially in winter, but i think these would be small and light enough for year round use.

1 trace out a pattern onto taped-together computer paper (or large craft paper if you've got it)
2 cut it out and trace it onto the backside of some faux fur fabric (found at any fabric store) + snip it up!
3 toss it in the dryer on a low heat setting for a few minutes to get rid of any loose fibers
4 throw it over whatever!

due to the thin quality of such a material, i think these would be better suited for use as a throw, but you could add some nice thick backing to it to make it a more sturdy rug. i think i'll make one of these for my egg chair!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

200th Post! Today On Craigslist:

plycraft chair
mint stuff
plycraft chair $125; mint green 50's sink + potty $50 (u know i would soooo want these if i had a house. im picturing grey walls. mmmm. did i really just say mmmm to a toilet and a sink? i think i did.); vtg 3-door industrial locker unit $375 @ ReHouse