Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My DIY: Bell Jar Greenhouses For Your Plants - On The Cheap!

i bought a hideous easter display (from ahem, xmas tree shoppe), that happened to be trapped in exactly what i've been looking for - a glass bell jar! i've been looking for these for a while now, but hadn't been able to come across any affordable options. so i bought two (one small, one large) in hopes of finding a way to get the easter crap out and a nice plant in! problem was, the wooden base was superglued to the glass:
bell jar5

i submerged the jars overnight in a large stock pot (not used for cooking) in a mixture of hot water and acetone (nail polish remover) to try and eat away and soften the glue. then, i took a hairdryer to the rim for about 10-15 minutes on and off:
bell jar6

i carefully pulled apart the glass jar from the wood base. i trashed what was left:
bell jar1

i bought a couple of chocolate clay plant saucers from home depot and a few cacti to put in my new jars! and voile, for about $40 (if that) i've got two lovely additions to my dining room. kinda anthopologie-esk, eh?
bell jar4
bell jar3
going to go fix those candlesticks now ;]


  1. I love it too! Those are perfect!!! I'm so impressed that you could see past that awful nest thing.

  2. Love this idea, you are so creative