Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Design Job: Adrien's New House (Part II)

so you've seen the semi-finished livingroom. now we're moving on to adrien's office. we? well, i. and you if u wanna join in. first i just wanna state for the record that i am horrible at taking before/after photos of my projects, cuz i uhh, just don't think about it to be honest. also, my camera makes my purse really heavy to carry. what, it does! so anyway, i don't have any 'real' photos of his office in all of it's completed glory. but i can show u what i started and did finally finish only, you'll just be seeing the 'started' part. so, adrien is a tattoo artist at love hate and does some of his drawings at home. i decided to make him a cork wall to tack his art up on, as opposed to just taping it to the wall. which is what he did. not that there's anything wrong with that. did i have too much tea today? think so. i'll get to the point. i painted the walls white and the doors black, and added pops of red (which i did throughout the place). hmm...wonder where i got the black/white/red idea from. oh, could it be adrien's outfit? btw, that's him in the pic below :)
adrien's office
AFTER (sorta):
adrien's office1
adrien's office2

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