Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Job: Adrien's New House

so i have been working on my great friend, adrien clark's house which just so happens to be a few houses down the street from my apartment! this is his first place, and i was both flattered and honored when he asked me to design it for him. i've known adrien for about 14 years now which totally blows my mind. i still remember sitting in the back of the school bus in middle school and asking him what he was listening to in his huge-ass headphones. his reply was, "bone thugs". my reply to that was, "oh! i like them too". not sounding familiar? this was their big hit back in the day. and well, the rest is history! hahaha. soooo...back to this house thing. my job still isn't done, but i figured i'd at least share a bit of my project so far. today we'll take a look at the livingroom. which still isn't complete. did i mention i'm STILL working on it? sorry, it's been about 4, no, maybe 5 weeks of work thus far and im going a little crazy now that he and his roommate moved in last monday. ANYHOO, here's what ive got for ya:
i just ripped up the carpet (ok u got me. adrien did that part, and boy was i glad!), and luckily, hardwoods in pretty good shape were hiding out underneath. oh i forgot to mention--this place was a beige wonderland: beige walls, beige molding, beige doors, beige radiators, beige painted hardware...u get my drift.
i started painting the walls a grey/green. behr ultra's, "celery powder" to be exact. i also scored a sweet ikea sectional off of my best friend, craigslist for less than half price new. testin' her out to make sure she fits. oh and what?! she does. perfectly. oh, and how can i forget the awesome vintage industrial swing arm task lamp that i found at metro retro? ps- the wall color looks bad with the orange-y floors and beige trim. looks more like sage green (puke!), but i saw passed that, so bear with me.
finally got the floors did. i chose a walnut (black) stain, and it picked up the grain in the wood oh so nicely. and the walls are lookin' better, eh? still hadn't done the trim in the back there...
then i strategically placed a bunch of crap on top of that beautiful floor.
and that's my story. more to come later fools!


  1. i can't wait to see the rest of it! meep meep!

  2. love what you've done so far! you're a bit of fresh air

  3. whit... i LOVE this and i LOVE you! you are amazing. xoxotoinfinity.