Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly...About Gloves!!

i love accessories. everyone who knows me is well aware of that. hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry, u name it! so today i actually found what i have been looking for, for approximately 5 years - no joke! driving gloves. synthetic ones. who knew they would be so incredibly difficult to find?! anyway, i love them, they fit like a glove (yes, pun intended), and they were the last pair:
Picture 1
i actually think they look better in person. they look like real leather, and seem to be of pretty good quality. then i spotted these bad boys, and well, i had to have them too:
Picture 2
and...i may have purchased some fun socks and another pair of gloves there. i MAY have.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What I'm Feeling Today:

this jacket. totally don't need to add to my insane jacket collection but if, ya know, i feel the need to get insane-r. i'm picturing this with some long black pleather gloves (that i can't find anywhere!), an olive green scarf, and a chunky grey beanie:
camel cape
ooOooh, and this with a grey beanie (sensing my fave color combo of the moment yet?):
olive hoodie
i only own a couple hoodies. i have a love/hate relationship with them. they bring me back to my tomboy days, aka my shaved head/converse wearing/rage against the machine listening era. so i always hesitate when i become attracted to "comfy" clothes. silly. ANYWAY...onto some more superficial sh**. my future back entrance to my future home could look something like this. minus that spotlight. it's bothering me. one or the other people. one. or. the other.:
back door man
these vegan/eco-friendly make-up brushes:
make-up brushes
this book would be handy to have:
i would love my xmas tree (if i even have one this year) to have a bunch of these little friends on it:
hoot tree
i just think these color options are fun but i'm probably too boring to ever use them:
and lastly, i would love to have a giant craft room similar to this one with all that crazy amazing storage space:
craft room

Today on Craigslist Rochester:

mid-c green chairs
pair of retro green chairs - $50

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Design Job: Adrien's New House (Part III)

quick little diy project i did yesterday for adrien's dining room.
goodbye $15 mid-century brass/wood chandelier (purchased at rehouse):
hello new modern chandi:
please don't mind the mangled chain...i have yet to get to that!
*the how-to
1 can matte (flat) black spray paint
1 old ugly chandelier with modern lines
round white lightbulbs or edison's if you're fancy and rich.
lighting kit (if u can't make do with what was used from the previous fixture)
a ladder (ahem, this is for shrimps like me who think it's fine to use a tiny footstool, stand on your tippy-toes in heels and hold the chandelier with one hand while drilling screws and tightening wires with the other hand--bad idea!!!)

ps - im patting myself on the back right now cuz this was my first ever chandelier installation. i thought my arms were gunna straight fall off! why must i always do things the hard way? to feel more accomplished? who knows...i'll have to bring that up in therapy next week hahaha. toodles!