Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Design Job: Adrien's New House (Part III)

quick little diy project i did yesterday for adrien's dining room.
goodbye $15 mid-century brass/wood chandelier (purchased at rehouse):
hello new modern chandi:
please don't mind the mangled chain...i have yet to get to that!
*the how-to
1 can matte (flat) black spray paint
1 old ugly chandelier with modern lines
round white lightbulbs or edison's if you're fancy and rich.
lighting kit (if u can't make do with what was used from the previous fixture)
a ladder (ahem, this is for shrimps like me who think it's fine to use a tiny footstool, stand on your tippy-toes in heels and hold the chandelier with one hand while drilling screws and tightening wires with the other hand--bad idea!!!)

ps - im patting myself on the back right now cuz this was my first ever chandelier installation. i thought my arms were gunna straight fall off! why must i always do things the hard way? to feel more accomplished? who knows...i'll have to bring that up in therapy next week hahaha. toodles!

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