Friday, November 25, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HI !

vegan doughnuts
MAN, i rarely post on this blog nowadays. I think I'm just sick of looking at it. I need to change the backdrop, etc., but am too lazy to do so. Anyway, thought I'd share something amazing. Something delicious. Something...well, just really effin' good! And that something my friends, is this recipe for baked vegan doughnuts. Don't be fooled, as these are NOT much healthier than the deep-fried, egg/butter/sugar kind that we all know. BUT, they ARE vegan and that's all I needed to know before testing 'em out. I did NOT have high hopes for these, I must admit. Why am I capitalizing everything? haha Anyhoo, although many vegan treats taste just as good if not better than the 'real' thing, I didn't wanna get excited for these just to be let down. After all, this is the only kind of doughnut that I would eat as a child. Honestly, I haven't had one in about 10 years (before I became vegan obviously), but as each and every Fall Season entered Rochester thereafter, I would reminisce of my annual childhood trip to Powers Farm Market with my mom and brothers for one of these puppies, and a hot apple cider while we checked out the sweet teepees they set up. So anyway (WOW tangent much?) I gave the recipe a shot, and they FUCKING. BLEW. MY. MIND. I'll even venture to say that they are even better than what I remember. Ben agreed, and that says something. They were so good, that I ate them for dinner! Haha well not all of them (and I wonder why I'm not losing weight while working out 6 days/week!). Whatever, they were worth it. I decided to just make doughnut holes (in mini cupcake baking pans) thinking that I would only need to have 1 or 2 and I'd be set. No way. I had to drop off half of 'em in my sister's mailbox so that I wouldn't be able to eat the entire batch. The recipe had to have made like 40. TRY THEM - I promise they will not disappoint.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like, woah...

mmmmm...Lavanilla just released a new limited edition scent - vanilla blackberry, and I am hoping this will be my fall/winter perfume! Umm, did U see the description states that it also delivers 30 vitamins and minerals to your skin while making u smell amazing? Dunno if I believe that, but it sounds good! I loooooooooove this c.o. bigelo lemon & orange blossom (smells like candy necklace haha), but they no longer make the spray, and it only lasts like 5 minutes on your skin - even when mixed with shower gels, body butter, etc. So, I have been searching for something new, and I have a feeling this might be the one. Not gonna get too excited however, because I have been disappointed by many a scent in the past. I do LOVE this (vanilla coconut) deodorant though (I think I already blogged about it), but the $18 price tag was a bit much for a...ahem, sorta unemployed person - ha! Although not super cheap, this perfume is fairly affordable compared to many others, and it will definitely last longer than the deodorant IF the scent doesn't need to be reapplied throughout the day. Gonna go scope it out today. Wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Operation Raine's Room

thought i'd share what i've been working on lately, although it hasn't been much! i've done a few projects thus far for my friend chuck including his kitchen, dining room, living room and now i began his son, raine's room. so, i was told to focus on organizing the closet for starters...well, because it kinda needed some help BAD:
so i blinked my eyes twice, did a little spin, and here's what happened:
(really all i did was buy hangers, 4 crates (there are actually 2 more on that second shelf), wire baskets, some hooks, and moved the top shelf down a bit to make room for all the crates).

did i mention my trip to target? well, i might have got a little bit carried away and bought some green things for the rest of his room in addition to the closet stuff. color of the season?

so when i first walked into his room, this is the view i got hit with:
sup TOYS?!

i decided i needed to do a little...rearranging, so i moved the bed from where it once was:

to where it should've been in the first place - on the smaller yellow wall. was that bitchy of me to say? i didn't mean it! ;)
stuff i added here: 2 storage ottomans, 1 desk lamp (which i put above the bed as a reading light), white "side table" cubicle unit with 2 storage drawers..for his drawers haha, and a side table lamp. oh, and can u tell who picked the wall colors? i'll give u a hint: it wasn't me!

added a green mirror + hologram trash bin behind the door to pull some more green over to the yellow side:

turned the green side into his "play room" area, which is MUCH larger than the little yellow corner he had before. i hung his stuffed crocodile (totally not real ha) on the wall. just cuz i felt like it...and maybe because it took up like, half of the floor room:

the new kitties were relaxing together while watching me sweat bullets:

and now, i have to figure out what to do with the rest of his...things:

next project is to build/buy some sort of desk/art table/storage unit full-o-fun. k, bye!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

bath bomb
every time ben takes a trip to nyc, he always makes sure to bring me something back (even though i tell him it's not, ahem, necessary). the last two times he came home with handfuls of these amazing "bath bombs" that fizzle their way through the water while u soak up all the lovely scents, allow lavender buds and herbs to swirl around you, and gaze in amazement at the different colors they turn the water (some even have shimmer)! tonight, i had a hot pink bath which i'm sure rach would've been into (by herself - not with me, ha! mind outta the gutter people). actually, she doesn't have a bath tub yet, but maybe she could pop one into her fabulous soaking pool when the mr. isn't looking? tehe - bad influence!
when i went to check out their website i was in complete awe of just how green and natural the company is. to see for yo' self, check out this video:

Lush Cosmetics - A Lush Life, We Believe from Jack Constantine on Vimeo.

Friday, June 10, 2011

LuLu's new "VEGAN SHOES" category!

i love when i come across sites that actually put vegan items in their own category. i cannot tell u how frustrating and obnoxious it is to find vegan things - especially shoes/boots when u have to click on each thing u like and hope that the description says, "all man made materials". i've been shopping @ LuLu's for years now, and was so excited to see this new addition! BUT, don't get your hopes up--i only like a select few, but whatever i don't care. i'm just glad it exists, and hope that other sites catch up with this movement! a girl can hope. anyway, here are a few of my faves:
light grey cone heels - $30

i GREATLY dislike the ankle strap on these, but it looks removable...or "cut-able" lol. woven platform pumps - $46

canvas platforms (these come in a bunch of colors) - $39

beige peep-toe wedges - $42

lug sole platforms - $33.50

waffle weave wedge booties - $24

seriously people, these prices are ricki-diculous.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Look 4 Less!

asos dress
asos dress - $77.55

modcloth dress
modcloth dress - $39.99

Today on Craigslist Rochester:

retro couch
Vintage Sofa - $40
Funny thing is - i saw this exact sofa at a Ronald McDonald House sale last it's the same one. anyway, how can u beat that price for a unique vintage piece? you can't.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yes I know I'm on crack, but my crack ain't wiggity whack.

a sneak peek into my most recent design venture. i'm calling this project, “the insanity hall” for a few reasons:

#1 i hand cut and applied each piece of wood individually, which, well you'll see...

#2 it’s kind of trippy walking through or just standing and staring at it like i have been for the past 3 days straight. a little boy from the neighborhood came to the door and said, "woah u don't see that everyday". not sure if that was a compliment, but pretty cute nonetheless.

#3 i am kind of crazy to even try and attempt something like this for a client, being that a) i've never done it before, and b) i don't have a how-to manual on installing such madness. but here's to hoping it’ll be worth it in the end! sorry this isn't the best footage, and i dunno why i shot it sideways, but whatevs. watch in fullscreen for a kinda better pic. :/

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fashion I'm Feelin': 2011 Burberry

ok, so i wouldn't actually wear any of these items being that they're all made of leather (and a TAD out of my price range), but i often look at clothes and shoes, etc., and think: what if i did wear leather and was extremely wealthy? how different would my style be? anyway, when i saw this collection from burberry my heart literally stopped beating for a few seconds. the jackets alone would totally rock my leather-wearing world. oh, and that snakeskin print dress? that'd totally be in my closet. loving the bold accessories too. and...*sigh*. oh, and sorry i haven't blogged in such a loooooooooong time. i've been busy living life.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Today on Craigslist Rochester:

wegman crate
vintage wegman's milk crates - $8 each, and also over 100 milk bottles available - $5 each
these are on the rochester website, but where the fuck is alden, ny??

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Post Category: Buy THIS, and make THAT.

ever see something that looks similar to a more expensive something u once saw? did that make sense? probably not. anyway, i always come across more affordable options or similar versions of certain expensive items, or can at least spot a diamond in the rough - which in this case is terrible chartreuse velour upholstery. so i thought i'd make it a new blogging category!

crglst sofa
- $295 for couch AND chair on craigslist

Make THAT:
room and board sofa
- $2000 sofa ONLY, at room&board

Friday, February 11, 2011

They're finally here: Theo's Nursery Pics!

so, i finally got around to taking some pics of this little room...well ok i had my lovely sister amanda take the pics while i held this ridiculously hot light for her - ha! i'm really not the best picture taker, and she's working on getting better than she already is so i thought it would make for a nice little sisterly collabo! the room looks kinda bare because it is lacking the changing table which is being painted white, and a cute little bookshelf which is also getting a coat or two. also, i recommended getting a second sheepskin rug. there are a few things that didn't make it into the room, including a cute grey "pouf" ottoman for the rocker, but overall i am pleased with the outcome. anyway, here's a before pic to refresh your memory:

and now, i bring you theo's modern minimal nursery (the stripes are actually a lavender grey, but they kinda just look grey in the photos):
better shot of the chandelier:

mama theo's corner - complete with little diy birch side table i made out of sonotube. and what's a modern nursery without an eames rocker?

mama sheep and babes:


just a little shot of where the changing table will be:

lovely little decal from miss shanna murray, cheering up a plain little light switch:

theo's awesome alexander girard wooden doll collection:

fabulous ikea paper pendant that shoots off some ah-maaa-zing shadows on the ceiling and walls at night:

me adjusting the not so cooperative fabulous pendant haha:

and lastly, a lil' close-up of the birdie mobile that took me DAYS to figure out how to put together properly:
thanks to theo and jay for letting me add color to your all white home! xoxo, whit-whit