Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Theo's Nursery!

so, first off, hello! it's been a while since my last post, so i figured it's about time to share a recent project. my friend theo, is having her first child (a girl) next month! it's such an exciting time for her and her husband, and i was more than happy to help out with designing the nursery when she brought it up in december. at first, i thought it was going to be kind of a normal job - ya know, nothing crazy. but the further i got into it, the more fun i had. kids rooms are great fun to design, because you can be more creative and whimsical with the decor. being that i don't want any children myself, i took this project on as if i were designing it for my own daughter, and i can honestly say that it has been my favorite work thus far! it's not quite there yet, but i should be finishing up this week. so here are some before shots of the space, to tide u over until u get to see the final product:
it was pretty much a blank slate, which was awesome with the exception of:
THE DRESSER which had to stay (although i tried to convince her to put it somewhere else, being that it was too tall for her to feel comfortable using it as a changing table)
THE CRIB (which she had already picked out),
THE LINENS for the crib and changing table that she found (which i took inspiration from), and
THE RUG (we swapped the beige one for a greyish/lavender one she had in her bedroom).
hopefully i'll get some pics up of, "the after" next week! toodles!


  1. What I can say is you are really really professional. Love your blog with all my heart.

  2. well, what i can say is thank youuuu!!!