Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yes I know I'm on crack, but my crack ain't wiggity whack.

a sneak peek into my most recent design venture. i'm calling this project, “the insanity hall” for a few reasons:

#1 i hand cut and applied each piece of wood individually, which, well you'll see...

#2 it’s kind of trippy walking through or just standing and staring at it like i have been for the past 3 days straight. a little boy from the neighborhood came to the door and said, "woah u don't see that everyday". not sure if that was a compliment, but pretty cute nonetheless.

#3 i am kind of crazy to even try and attempt something like this for a client, being that a) i've never done it before, and b) i don't have a how-to manual on installing such madness. but here's to hoping it’ll be worth it in the end! sorry this isn't the best footage, and i dunno why i shot it sideways, but whatevs. watch in fullscreen for a kinda better pic. :/

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