Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Operation Raine's Room

thought i'd share what i've been working on lately, although it hasn't been much! i've done a few projects thus far for my friend chuck including his kitchen, dining room, living room and now i began his son, raine's room. so, i was told to focus on organizing the closet for starters...well, because it kinda needed some help BAD:
so i blinked my eyes twice, did a little spin, and here's what happened:
(really all i did was buy hangers, 4 crates (there are actually 2 more on that second shelf), wire baskets, some hooks, and moved the top shelf down a bit to make room for all the crates).

did i mention my trip to target? well, i might have got a little bit carried away and bought some green things for the rest of his room in addition to the closet stuff. color of the season?

so when i first walked into his room, this is the view i got hit with:
sup TOYS?!

i decided i needed to do a little...rearranging, so i moved the bed from where it once was:

to where it should've been in the first place - on the smaller yellow wall. was that bitchy of me to say? i didn't mean it! ;)
stuff i added here: 2 storage ottomans, 1 desk lamp (which i put above the bed as a reading light), white "side table" cubicle unit with 2 storage drawers..for his drawers haha, and a side table lamp. oh, and can u tell who picked the wall colors? i'll give u a hint: it wasn't me!

added a green mirror + hologram trash bin behind the door to pull some more green over to the yellow side:

turned the green side into his "play room" area, which is MUCH larger than the little yellow corner he had before. i hung his stuffed crocodile (totally not real ha) on the wall. just cuz i felt like it...and maybe because it took up like, half of the floor room:

the new kitties were relaxing together while watching me sweat bullets:

and now, i have to figure out what to do with the rest of his...things:

next project is to build/buy some sort of desk/art table/storage unit full-o-fun. k, bye!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

bath bomb
every time ben takes a trip to nyc, he always makes sure to bring me something back (even though i tell him it's not, ahem, necessary). the last two times he came home with handfuls of these amazing "bath bombs" that fizzle their way through the water while u soak up all the lovely scents, allow lavender buds and herbs to swirl around you, and gaze in amazement at the different colors they turn the water (some even have shimmer)! tonight, i had a hot pink bath which i'm sure rach would've been into (by herself - not with me, ha! mind outta the gutter people). actually, she doesn't have a bath tub yet, but maybe she could pop one into her fabulous soaking pool when the mr. isn't looking? tehe - bad influence!
when i went to check out their website i was in complete awe of just how green and natural the company is. to see for yo' self, check out this video:

Lush Cosmetics - A Lush Life, We Believe from Jack Constantine on Vimeo.