Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like, woah...

mmmmm...Lavanilla just released a new limited edition scent - vanilla blackberry, and I am hoping this will be my fall/winter perfume! Umm, did U see the description states that it also delivers 30 vitamins and minerals to your skin while making u smell amazing? Dunno if I believe that, but it sounds good! I loooooooooove this c.o. bigelo lemon & orange blossom (smells like candy necklace haha), but they no longer make the spray, and it only lasts like 5 minutes on your skin - even when mixed with shower gels, body butter, etc. So, I have been searching for something new, and I have a feeling this might be the one. Not gonna get too excited however, because I have been disappointed by many a scent in the past. I do LOVE this (vanilla coconut) deodorant though (I think I already blogged about it), but the $18 price tag was a bit much for a...ahem, sorta unemployed person - ha! Although not super cheap, this perfume is fairly affordable compared to many others, and it will definitely last longer than the deodorant IF the scent doesn't need to be reapplied throughout the day. Gonna go scope it out today. Wish me luck! :)

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