Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HI !

vegan doughnuts
MAN, i rarely post on this blog nowadays. I think I'm just sick of looking at it. I need to change the backdrop, etc., but am too lazy to do so. Anyway, thought I'd share something amazing. Something delicious. Something...well, just really effin' good! And that something my friends, is this recipe for baked vegan doughnuts. Don't be fooled, as these are NOT much healthier than the deep-fried, egg/butter/sugar kind that we all know. BUT, they ARE vegan and that's all I needed to know before testing 'em out. I did NOT have high hopes for these, I must admit. Why am I capitalizing everything? haha Anyhoo, although many vegan treats taste just as good if not better than the 'real' thing, I didn't wanna get excited for these just to be let down. After all, this is the only kind of doughnut that I would eat as a child. Honestly, I haven't had one in about 10 years (before I became vegan obviously), but as each and every Fall Season entered Rochester thereafter, I would reminisce of my annual childhood trip to Powers Farm Market with my mom and brothers for one of these puppies, and a hot apple cider while we checked out the sweet teepees they set up. So anyway (WOW tangent much?) I gave the recipe a shot, and they FUCKING. BLEW. MY. MIND. I'll even venture to say that they are even better than what I remember. Ben agreed, and that says something. They were so good, that I ate them for dinner! Haha well not all of them (and I wonder why I'm not losing weight while working out 6 days/week!). Whatever, they were worth it. I decided to just make doughnut holes (in mini cupcake baking pans) thinking that I would only need to have 1 or 2 and I'd be set. No way. I had to drop off half of 'em in my sister's mailbox so that I wouldn't be able to eat the entire batch. The recipe had to have made like 40. TRY THEM - I promise they will not disappoint.

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